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TED Talk: Allan Savory - How to Green the World’s Deserts

~ This may likely be the future of humanity. If we can manage a future at all it will be through climate stewardship.

TED Talk: Amy Cuddy, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

~ Pay attention to how you are holding yourself. Make a few adjustments, it will be worth it. I had to fix my posture while I watched this a few times and even before typing this. Always worth it.

TED Talk: Frank Warren - Half a Million Secrets

~ Something we can all relate to.

TEDx Talk: Lawrence Lessig: A Conservative Re-examination of the Remix 

~ You don’t often hear the argument for appropriation so well articulated and you might not expect it from a self proclaimed conservative. But Lawrence Lessig wants to introduce you to just such a conservative in j=his TED Talk.

Also if you haven’t already seen it check out Everything is a Remix.

TEDx Talk: Colin Stokes - How Movies Teach Manhood

~ Colin Stokes delivers an incredible analysis of popular children’s movies and their influence on child development. Specifically Stokes hones in on the gender roles given to us from our cinema. One of my favorite talking points is Alison Bechdal(graphic novelist) and her test for movies. The test asks three questions of a story. Is there more than one female character with lines? Do they talk to each other? Do they talk about anything other than a man? Stokes explores further still, so be sure to watch this one through. Marvelous stuff that I couldn’t agree more. I love this Bechdal Test, movies appear in a new light when you ask these questions three. Try it for yourself.

TED Talk: Karen Thompson Walker - What Fear Can Teach Us

~ Walker compares our fears to stories. She notes two parts of ourselves read stories, an artist and a scientist. Both are necessary to make a story believable and enthralling. She just hopes we consider which one to listen to when listening to the stories of our fears. Overall, a surprisingly inspiring talk.

TED Talk: Johanna Blakely, Lessons from Fashions Free Culture

~ Unlike other arts and industries fashion has no sense of proprietorship. Ideas are freely borrowed and adapted to yield the most innovation possible. Johanna Blakely illustrates the virtues of this industry’s culture and encourages other industries to follow suite. I for one am a firm believer in open-source. As Sir Isaac Newton describes his accomplishments as the result of standing on the shoulders of giants, if we want humans to advance culture it is best we boost each other up. Sharing worked in kindergarten and still works now. Check out Blakely’s website

And be sure to watch Kirby Furguson’s Everything is a Remix? if you haven’t already.

TED Talk: Marco Tempest, the Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla

~ Magician, Marco Tempest presents an unusual presentation of projection and a little slight of hand to tell the tale of history’s favorite mad scientist. Tempest offers an inspiring description of the creative process of Tesla’s mind and begs us to ask, in the face of natural resource depletion, what would Tesla do?

TED Talk: Michael Tilson Thomas, Music and Emotions Through Time

~ Apologies for the complete lack of thoughtful content to Inkbot lately. To make up for it here is a TED Talk. Similar to the last TED posting, this one is also about music yet Thomas offers a rather tantalizing and inspiring history of recorded music complete with piano accompaniment. Overall it will make you want to pick up an instrument. 

TEDx Talk: Jose Bowen, Beethoven and the Business of Music Delivery

~ You may not hear it in his music, but Beethoven was a business savvy programmer on par with Bill Gates. And though preposterous as this sounds, Jose Bowen explains it perfectly clear and rather passionately. Bowen goes further and explains how innovations in music recording and delivery has affected music makers and music listeners to this day.