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The Apocalypse Forecast

~ Better check the weather before making any important plans. With all of the world ending everyday it is a wonder we make plans at all. Here this Virginia weatherman delivers what may be the best weather report of all time. All with a straight face! “I do want to encourage you though, if you do see a sleeping coyote, do not wake it, bad idea”

Sweet Brown, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

~ The back story: Sweet Brown was interviewed by a local news station early this month after her apartment building caught fire. Sweet’s interview was then uploaded onto YouTube where it went viral for obvious reasons (2.75 million views at last count). And now, by combining Sweet Brown’s passionate account with the oddest ends the internet has to offer we are blessed with this post-modern gospel. Enjoy!

Cat meets Deer meets Bjork

~ This homemade urban wildlife documentary sets an enchanting mood. Like something from Fantasia, the choice soundtrack nails its.

The Darth Vader Sessions

~ Considering James Earl Jones’s auspicious career it is a natural leap of logic to re-dub Star Wars so as to add a little depth to our favorite Sith lord. This little gem has grown old by internet standards, though at 39k views it’s new and fresh for most of us. The first time I watched it tears streamed down my face. Kudos to Jimbo-Do for this post-modern bit of genius.

Insane Urban Downhill Bike Racing in Chile

~ If your going to live in a town built on a mountainside in Chile how better to use the space than to throw an annual downhill bikerace through the streets? The people of Valparaiso, Chile certainly might have few ideas but that doesn’t stop them from hosting the legendary Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race. Riding down staircases, narrow walkways, off ramps and dodging stray dogs, riders experience what might be the closest thing to Mario Kart in the real world. Shot with a helmet cam, now you can have the first person POV of this daring ride.

Zen and the Art of Synchronized Walking

~ Again, the Japanese make the rest of humanity look like a discombobulated blob. Simply hypnotic to watch, simply impossible to comprehend.

The Video That Blew Up Turf Dancing

~ Dancers are No Noize (red jacket), Man (back jacket), BJ (striped shirt), Dreal (white shirt). RIP Rich D

What happens when you cross capoeira with basketball?

Jim Henson knows, you can make puppets out of nearly anything. All you need do is give it a voice.