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Your Thoughts Really DO Affect Your Genes: Says New Study


~ A study conducted by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France reports the first evidence of specific molecular changes in gene expression in the body following a period of mindfulness and meditation. Something we have always known, but now it’s confirmed on a nucleic level.

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How Special Relativity Makes Magnets Work

~ This was one of my favorite lessons from physics class. So endlessly cool.

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Celebrating Crystallography: An Animated Adventure

~ A clear and compelling animated short to get you siked for crystallography and atomic structures. Moments ago you hardly knew what they were, watching this you’ll hardly know how you managed to go through life without knowing about this fascinating phenomenon. Happy nerdgasms.

Bill Nye Wisdom
~ Keep an open perspective, and good luck.
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Bill Nye Wisdom

~ Keep an open perspective, and good luck.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes On Saving the World

~ Such an awesome guy. Excuse me, such an awesome science guy. Here is a little insight into the process of Mr. Nye and how he’s gone about raising awareness through scientific understanding and how he’s uses that to help humanity take on climate change. Go Bill Nye! 

Could We Stop an Asteroid? Feat. Bill Nye

~ Bill Nye lays down our options should we face a harbinger of destruction from the sky. There are more options than you might guess. Hopefully we will never have to worry about it yet if we do hopefully our hubris won’t get in the way of doing it right.

Neil and Neil on Science and Religion

~ Some beautiful perspectives of some beautiful minds. Neil DeGrass Tyson and Neil Gaiman talk about it.

Thermal Tiles from the Space Shuttle

~ Here’s is a glimpse of how NASA tests its thermal tiles that allow for space shuttle reentries at temperatures over 22000° F. Go NASA, if only there were space shuttle to use this stuff on…

Comparing How Bats and Birds Fly

~ Not all wings are built alike. Using all kinds of tech SmartEveryDay looks into the mechanics of flight. Lots of cool scientific stuff.

Moore’s Law Predates the Beginning of Life Before Even the Earth


~ The National Institute of Health used Moore’s Law, which basically says computers will get faster and more complex with time, to reverse engineer a starting date to life. Their estimate now predates life 5 billion years before the formation of the Earth. This might seem to make no sense, but I hear the Universe itself recently was post dated another 80 billion years. So let’s just keep in mind that all dates prior to our own lifetimes is pretty much speculation.